Snake Salvation Star Dead From Snake Bite

Submitted by WhitesCreek on February 16, 2014 - 7:12pm.

He had five rattlesnakes confiscated last year by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, where owning venomous snakes is banned.


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Something has changed with

Something has changed with these people. Back in my herpetology days I dealt with zoos and universities and even a snake handler. Of all of them I felt like the snake handlers took the best care of their animals, though the zoos and certain private herpetologists were awesome as well. It was a spiritual thing with my "handler" friends. They shared my awe at the work of nature, even if they saw it as the work of a creator and I did not. Over the years I captured and mostly released between one and two thousand venomous snakes. A few wound up in zoos around the world including the Atlanta zoo and Fernbank Science Center. Less than a dozen went to "handlers". To my knowledge those specimens were treated like sacred objects and were well cared for and housed in cages I designed. Several times I was brought a specimen that had bitten someone and told to release it into the wild. I kept records and returned everything back to its native home range. Today these people seem to have lost all respect for the natural world. All of the snakes confiscated from the TN preachers mentioned in this article have had to be euthanized due to parasites and otherwise poor health. I'm sorry they are dead, both snakes and preachers. Perhaps they should have had more respect and honor for creation. I won't judge their religion bu I have nothing but contempt for their treatment of the animals they held in their hands as they danced with death.

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