Quote of the Day After Workers Vote To Unionize VW Fails

Submitted by WhitesCreek on February 15, 2014 - 8:22am.

"Volkswagen has 62 firms around the world. All of them except Chattanooga and the two plants in China have union representation and a works council"

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner

“While we respect the decision made by Volkswagen workers, the result does not excuse the outrageous and unprecedented conduct by Tennessee's Republican elected officials. The intimidation tactics and coercive efforts should be condemned, regardless of the outcome tonight. Workers deserved the right to vote without being pressured by outside special interests and elected officials, but that did not happen."

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"How Fear Beat the UAW in Tennessee"

"They even told Tennesseans that the union wanted to take their guns."

Read more via Alternet: Link...

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Wasn't the union given full access to the workers, and allowed to plead their case?

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