Corker and Alexander Block Second Term of Nobel Laureate to TVA Board

Submitted by WhitesCreek on January 3, 2013 - 7:48am.

This is the dirty behind the scenes story that should be front and center on the TVA nomination process.

"We respect her professional credentials, but we encourage the president to send another nominee with credentials better suited to the TVA board," according to a Wednesday joint statement from Corker and Alexander.

Marilyn Brown co-received the Nobel Prize for her work on climate change and she is an expert in energy efficiency. What better credentials can anyone have?


Update: TFP Calls Alexander and Corker, well, scared of Dr Brown...

Is it because Brown, with two years of board experience, is now becoming a too-strong member of the board, suggesting a vision Alexander and Sansom aren't comfortable with?

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A bit more on the KNS blog site

Senators did not act on the nomination of Marilyn Brown, an energy policy professor at Georgia Tech, who currently serves on the board and whom Obama nominated for a second term. Brown's nomination will expire when the new Congress assumes office today, and Obama will have to either renominate her or choose someone else for the position.


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Times Free Press Calls Out Corker and Alexander

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