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OK, so this has a mass of truth disguised as snark that you have to read. Do that and you will better understand the moral, which is:

I know the Tennessee Republican solution to everything is to just try to increase people's misery until they behave in ways the Republicans like, but you're making us all look bad. We need people to come to Tennessee and spend their money. They're not going to come if they think we look like scary psychopaths.

Pith in the Wind

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Senator Campfield Opponent running on "I'm NOT Stacey Campfield" platform...Should be enough

And more from Crockett:


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Frustrated by the leadership of Tennessean publisher Silliman Evans, Jr., Seigenthaler resigned in 1960 to serve as an administrative assistant to incoming Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. On April 21, 1961, Seigenthaler was the only other Justice Department figure to witness a meeting between Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

During the Freedom Rides of 1961, Seigenthaler was sent in his capacity as assistant to Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights John Doar[8] to be chief negotiator for the government, in its attempts to work with Alabama Governor John Malcolm Patterson. After several days of refusing to return calls, Patterson finally agreed to protect the Riders, but their state trooper escort disappeared as soon as they arrived in Montgomery on May 20, 1961, leaving them unprotected before the waiting white mob.

Seigenthaler was a block away when he rushed to help Susan Wilbur, a Freedom Rider who was being chased by the angry mob. Seigenthaler shoved her into his car and shouted "Get back! I'm with the Federal government" but was hit behind the left ear with a pipe. Knocked unconscious, he was not picked up until police arrived 10 minutes later, with Montgomery Police Commissioner Lester B. Sullivan noting, "We have no intention of standing police guard for a bunch of troublemakers coming into our city."

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Our natural resources are a huge source of pleasure and comfort to Tennesseans, but the economic benefit of outdoor recreation is often ignored. New figures from the Outdoor Industry Association note that outdoor recreation is responsible for over 83,000 direct jobs with $2.5 Billion in wages and salaries and results in $8.2 Billion in consumer spending. Communities that invest in greenways, bike paths, bike trails, parks, and other outdoor activities are cashing in on this trend. Roane County has several opportunities but lacks a direct push and program to get them developed.


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In a ruling released late Thursday, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis blasted the Republican establishment that created Florida's congressional map, saying they "made a mockery" of transparency, allowed for "improper partisan intent" and he ordered that two of the state's 27 districts drawn in 2012 violate the Fair District standards.


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Here's my musical heritage: Carole Kaye...The Beat Goes On and Good Vibrations and Dang!

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So far he's not getting much traction. Gee...Wonder why? How about we pass rules against speculation on gas prices first? They account for around a third of the price of gas. Maybe then we could pass something to pay for our much needed infrastructure repairs.


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This is absurd on the face of it, but coal companies probably think they can keep the coal fired plants open long enough to make some more money, regardless of the people that get sick or the fact that coal is killing our planet with global warming.

The Kentucky Coal Association argued in a lawsuit filed Thursday that the TVA did not follow proper federal procedure and its own rules in deciding to close the units at the Paradise Fossil Plant in western Kentucky. The TVA announced last year that it would build a new natural gas-burning facility at the Muhlenberg County site, as well as keep a third coal-fired unit in operation.


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There were fireworks early in this radio debate.

Political Spotlight, Wednesday, July 9th – Circuit Court Judge Candidates Mike Pemberton and Tom McFarland

Listen to it here:


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We have to wonder about this on several levels. It is very unusual for one Judge to mess with another Judge's orders at this level.

Here's what has gone pubic so far.

City Bonding Inc. has failed to pay forfeited bonds to the County as law requires. This appears to have been going on for decades. (Link...)

City Bonding was presented with bond forfeits totaling roughly $8000 and did not pay. They were given 180 days to appeal and did not appeal. They were given another week to respond and after failure to do so, Judge Wicks issued an order for them to cease doing business in Roane County.

An appeal was made after both deadlines had expired and Judge Wicks' order was issued.

Judge Eblen vacated Judge Wicks' order on the grounds that Sessions judges do not have the power to issue such orders. Eblen's order is clearly contrary to TN Attorney General findings.

Judge Eblen is unopposed in the Aug 7 election to retain his position as 9th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge. Judge Wicks is unopposed as General Sessions Judge.

We do not have Wicks' order but have posted Eblen's order and the AG rulings here:


We will keep an eye on this and will issue more information as we can confirm it. There are legal issues here and we would not want to unfairly post something that could be incorrect.

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I don't in any way condone the mother's actions, but what good will it do that child if we put its mother in jail for a year?

Deputies say they got the call from DCS after the baby girl, born Sunday at UT Medical Center, tested positive for meth. They arrested the 26-year-old new mom as she was being discharged.


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Could have been any of us at one time or another...No, really!


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State environmental regulators have ordered the town of Oliver Springs to make upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant or else face fines if the work isn't finished on time.


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Haslam's $35 million website isn't just slow, it doesn't exist in working form.

The federal director of Medicaid programs has put Tennessee on notice that it has failed to provide services for people as required by the Affordable Care Act and is giving the state 10 days to submit a correction plan.


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Judge Wicks brought the problem to Clerk of Court Kim Nelson last year. Nelson says she has been working on the problem but after decades of neglect, turning things around has been difficult.

How difficult is it to notify the County Attorney to bring suit? We have noted the strange situation with bonding agencies in Roane County in the past, as in there is essentially just one and that one seems to hold a privileged position. Perhaps now we'll see some action to learn what is really going on here.


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I wanted to post something about this last year when I was told of the results of a TWRA fishery study that involved trot lines placed under the I 40 and Hwy 70 bridges over the Clinch river at Kingston. Dr. David Etnier serves on the Board of Conservation Fisheries (as do I) and is a wit beyond most wits. He's also a brilliant fish guy and is credited with discovering the snail darter, among other things. He told me about his time on the Kingston trot lines and said he pulled in six sturgeon...all documented and released. He said he had always said that we would have a reproducing population of sturgeon in the future but not in his lifetime. Now, as a result of the efforts of many people and many government agencies, he thinks we'll have naturally produced baby sturgeon in Watts Bar Lake in HIS lifetime and that makes him proud.

If things continue to go well, many more fishermen will have the opportunity to catch and release a Tennessee Sturgeon, like this lucky man did:


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This is very strange to me. Weston Wamp has a job that a rich guy created for him and now we see this. Weston Wamp stated his plan was to eliminate Super Pacs...apparently right after he gets elected by one.


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I have no way of verifying any of this but it certainly makes for an interesting read. Let me know if any of it contradicts your family history.


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BUI = Boating Under the Influence

Don't be stupid. Wear your life jacket!


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This what happens when the Governor puts a former polluter's attorney as the TDEC Commissioner. Welcome to Tennessee, the water pollution state.

“At their extreme, these proposed rules could preclude a full review of a new discharge of mercury, dioxins and PCBs to waters with endangered species or that are a source of drinking water, an absurd result that is clearly contrary to the language and intent of the Clean Water Act,” Matheny added. “TDEC also adopted confusing new terms such as parameter, unavailable parameters, and response variables that even water quality experts have trouble understanding.”


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Dustin Hensley has...worked at three departments in six years, shot two people dead and been subject to two federal lawsuits alleging wrongful deaths in those shootings.

The first case, a 2009 fatal shooting when he was a Roane County deputy, was dismissed when the family of a man shot dead decided not to continue an appeal after a federal judge ruled that the shooting was justified.

The second case was in Cumberland County with a woman being tased and shot ten the back! The only side I take in this is that all investigations should be open and conducted in the light of the public eye! There are still unanswered questions on the first shooting involving Deputy Hensley sue to the secrecy of the investigation. Is it time to call, as another department has, for personal cameras to be worn by every officer on duty? The one department I am aware of saw a reduction in police misconduct complaints drop 80% after cameras.


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"It's a little awkward, but I feel like I'm sitting across the table from an angry Republican congressman," Wamp said.

"Before the debate I believed I was the most conservative candidate, and after the debate I was convinced," Fleischmann said.


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Yesterday a deeply divided Supreme Court decided in ruling that certain for-profit companies cannot be required to pay for specific types of contraceptives for their employees. The 5-4 decision on ideological lines was met with instant backlash because the ruling creates a gateway to further religious-based challenges that limit individual decisions and rights.


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Well, actually, they call themselves "Americans for Prosperity" but it's not you and me whose prosperity they want. They are funded primarily by the Koch Brothers to serve the Billionaire Koch Brothers in their quest to become the Trillionaire Koch brothers.


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Oh just go read:



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