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He had five rattlesnakes confiscated last year by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, where owning venomous snakes is banned.


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WBIR Channel 10 at 10 A.M. today.

Science guy Bill Nye will be on Meet the press in a minute or two to debate global warming with a reputable scientist who says there is no such thing. Being unable to find a reputable scientist that doesn't accept global warming, Nye will debate TN Congressperson Marsha Blackburn, who is qualified because she has a degree in Home Economics from Mississippi State.

Prediction: The science guy will be all nice and rational using facts and science to make his case. Blackburn will go all froth at the mouth and say it can't happen because Freedom and jobs, even though the world will end if she's wrong. Fox News will declare Blackburn the winner and climate change over.


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“It will be great for the farmers. It will be great for the school kids,” said Rep. Curry Todd, R-Collierville, sponsor of HB1909. “I’ve talked to many businesses and folks across the state about this and I’ve not got one negative comment about this bill.”

Really? You talked to business people who think we should be on the same time as Nova Scotia Canada and 4 hours ahead of California? This thing got voted out of committee so don't think it doesn't have a chance of passage, folks.

Thank you, Rep. Ryan Haynes, R-Knoxville, and Rep. Johnny Shaw, D-Bolivar for having the sense to vote against this.


Submitted by WhitesCreek on February 15, 2014 - 11:22am.

These birds are leaving East Tennessee bound for Afghanistan today. They'll be gone for a year, away from their wives, husbands, children, and friends. They go to cover the last troops pulling out of that country and signal the end to the Afghan War. Here they are flying over this morning. I'll miss them.

Come back safe!

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The results of the Survey of the American Teacher for 2012 are out and guess what? Teachers aren’t very happy. Teacher job satisfaction is at an all-time low and has dropped 23 points over the past five years, including a 5-point drop between 2011 and 2012.



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"Volkswagen has 62 firms around the world. All of them except Chattanooga and the two plants in China have union representation and a works council"

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner

“While we respect the decision made by Volkswagen workers, the result does not excuse the outrageous and unprecedented conduct by Tennessee's Republican elected officials. The intimidation tactics and coercive efforts should be condemned, regardless of the outcome tonight. Workers deserved the right to vote without being pressured by outside special interests and elected officials, but that did not happen."

Submitted by WhitesCreek on February 14, 2014 - 10:29am.

(Sir David) Attenborough says he has finally grown sick of America’s attitude to climate change. “I think it’s very sad that people won’t accept evidence for what it says—it’s extraordinary that one of the wealthiest, materially advanced societies in the world can support irrational myths in that way...


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In eastern Tennessee, cheap premiums are notable because many residents face chronic health issues. Obesity and smoking are common. "We're the buckle of the ," said Kevin Spiegel, president of Erlanger Health System, which is included in the network of the least expensive silver plan in Chattanooga. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee was able to offer the lowest silver premiums around Knoxville and Chattanooga — $180 a month for a 40-year-old — by cutting deals with just one hospital system and their doctors in each region, said Henry Smith, the insurer's chief marketing officer.


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You know all those sappy love songs you always hear on Valentines Day? This isn't one of those, except it really is.

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Federal authorities have launched an investigation into North Carolina's environmental agency following a massive coal ash spill on the Dan River.


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This is from a RCN story but I can't make sense of this rate structure:

The increase would raise the current minimum of $25.90 for the first 1,500 gallons to $31.08 . The next tier, which is $9.45 per 1,000 gallons up to 50,000 gallons, would go to $11.34 per 1,000 gallons. The final tier, for customers using anything over 50,000 gallons is $11.20 per 1,000 gallons now and would go up to $13.44.

TVA would have to be paying the highly discounted rate of $11.20 compared to the residential rate of $25.90. That means the mark up on the water RCUD bought for TVA is much smaller than the markup on what a residential customer pays. To make the claim that a loss of 20% of low markup revenue has to be covered by a 20% increase on high markup revenue is absurd.

I would suggest a financial audit be disclosed to the customers of RCUD in order to see if this is justified. I myself am skeptical. Link...

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The Mayor of Lansing, Michigan hilariously trolls Tennessee over UAW crackdown...

Let's hope VW learns that Tennessee, and Republicans, are idiots. And they move to a state which has no problem with unionized auto workers.


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Roane County Schools are closed for students Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Friday was a scheduled Staff Development Day and Monday is President's Day.


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Except that we've learned that whenever one of these idiotic bills hits the floor, it is intended to draw attention away from some other bill in the Legislature selling off our public schools or the Cumberland Mountains to a Russian Oligarch or something. I wish those examples were totally satire, but they aren't.


Discussion at

Submitted by WhitesCreek on February 12, 2014 - 1:27pm.

Property owners and businesses continue to be hammered by the after effects of the TVA disaster, but at this point it is almost entirely because TVA's disaster has besmirched our reputation. Many environmental activists want us to be poster children for dirty coal and continue to hammer the meme that we were "destroyed" on Dec 22, 2008. We were but now we aren't. The two words that everyone should hammer into the daily consciousness as far as the TVA ash disaster: "It's Over!"

What isn't over is the residual economic depression of our economy and the five years that we were in environmental disaster purgatory that we can never get back. TVA will get away with paying pennies on the dollar for the harm it caused and will never have to pay a dime for the lost income of businesses in Roane County due to TVA's willful incompetence.

We still have people who love our county when they visit and give serious thought to buying a home here, only to lose them when they learn about the TVA disaster. It just happened to me. A lady was looking at purchasing a condo we own but backed out when her daughter told her about the ash disaster. The ironic thing about that is that she is currently living in Chattanooga, downstream where the TVA pollution is being washed to. We're doing fine here in Roane County, actually, but how do we tell that story?

“I couldn’t believe we weren’t finding more impact,” says Dr. Shea Tuberty, an associate professor of biology at Appalachian State University. For two years after the spill, Tuberty worked with a team of researchers and environmental stewards assessing the ecological impacts of the disaster.

Where do we go to get our reputation back?

Read this:
An Unforgettable Lesson, Forgotten


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The last column is titled: "Scott McNutt's Snark Bites: Pilot Flying J providing pre-indictment training to new managers"

It appears that the Haslams are intolerant of news and comment media that deliver actual news and comment.


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Kingston Recovery Project Update

Week ending February 12, 2014


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How many of you always wanted to rock'n roll, and be "up on the stage"? My guess most of us! Well, I visited one guy this week that's made that dream come true. To see it all on paper, it sounds easy, but as we all know, and as AC/DC taught us, "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n roll"!


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When incumbents are in negative territory they are normally quite vulnerable in an election. Tennessee's Democratic party has no effective challengers at this point.

That story and more at the Buzz...


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Earier this morning I heard a bird song that I couldn't identify. It didn't repeat so I watched for the birds as it grew light to see what was out and about. After looking up the songs of the ones I didn't already know I am pretty sure it's this guy...


Submitted by WhitesCreek on February 11, 2014 - 7:42am.

This is amazing. We have a manufacturer who sees the benefits of having an organized workforce. Law requires that a vote by workers be permitted. Not only do Republicans in Tennessee want VW to break the law but they say they will punish VW if its workers choose to organize in a vote held this week.

Outside groups have funded a lot of editorials and billboards with disinformation aimed at defeating the union vote. The benefits of unionization should be obvious enough. The $200 a week higher average pay should do it, but better benefits, and safer work places for union shops make this a no-brainer.


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I'm astounded that judges get away with idiotic rulings like this one, that basically says Winslow wasn't Congressman Fleischmann's real target and was just caught in the crossfire so it isn't actionable.

But in a summary judgment last week, Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Joe Binkley Jr. said Winslow was a public figure, and that he failed to show that Fleischmann and Saltsman showed actual malice against him in the advertisements, which were mainly aimed at discrediting Smith



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Boy would I like to interview that man!


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Pay attention folks. We have connections here...